New publication about integrating fine root traits in vegetation models

Our new publication, a viewpoint released this week in New Phytologist, is now out! This research is an amazing group effort derived from our TropiRoots network, combining different tropical ecologists from around the world interested in root research. Some members, funded by the Amazon-FLUX project, are also part of TropiRoots and co-authors in this paper. […]

Our first field campaign in Central Amazon in 2022

In June 2022, Tatiana Reichert (TUM), Laynara Lugli (TUM), and Lucia Fuchslueger (University of Vienna) led a fieldwork campaign in a forest near Manaus, Brazil, to sample, for the first time, root carbon exudates in Amazon forests! Roots can release carbon compounds to facilitate phosphorus release from soil minerals and organic matter, and in this […]

Second root exudation field campaign in Central Amazon 2023

In May 2023, Laynara Lugli and Tatiana Reichert traveled to Manaus, Brazil, for a second time to investigate the natural variability of organic acid exudation by roots in another forest in Central Amazon. This time, sampling took place at the 6 plots belonging to the AmazonFACE experiment located near Manaus. This will be the first […]

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